ASF & Robert Burns
World Federation, Scotland invites you to become an American Friend of RBWF

The American-Scottish Foundation is proud to work with the Robert Burns World Federation, Scotland as a directed giving project of the Foundation. 

The American-Scottish Foundation is a non profit 501c3 organization and all donations made through the Foundation are tax deductible in the United States to the extent of the law.

The Robert Burns World Federation, Scotland, are proud to launch on the Anniversary of Burns first Supper at his birth place in Alloway, the American Friends of the Robert Burns World Federation as we look to support and expand our international support of our cultural and heritage footprint and message around the world

Who are the Robert Burns World Federation?

Regarded as one of Scotland’s most distinguished national and international organisations – founded in 1885 and still headquartered in Burns’ beautiful home county of Ayrshire – we constantly strive to:

  • Encourage and arrange competitions, both spoken word and music, among the public, especially students and school children
  • Stimulate and develop the study and teaching of Scottish literature, art, music and language through the works of Burns and other great Scots writers such as Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and John Galt
  • Conserve and support places associated with Robert Burns and his contemporaries including the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Burns Cottage, Dumfries, Ellisland Farm and countless statues and monuments throughout the world
  • Strengthen the bond of fellowship among members of Burns Clubs and Kindred Scottish Societies, by encouraging them to honour the memory of Robert Burns and his works

RBWF’s work has been ongoing for the past 130 years and the majority of the world-wide fame of Robert Burns is due to the sterling efforts of the RBWF to keep his life, works and humanitarian values to the fore.

Over two hundred federated clubs and societies, across the globe, are members of the RBWF and because of the strength of our bond, Robert Burns is third in line – after Christopher Columbus and Queen Victoria – in the number of statues dedicated to non-religious figures, with well over 80 statues and memorials dedicated to the Bard of Scotland worldwide (see below).

Levels of Membership




The rough burr-thistle spreading wide,
Amang the bearded bear


Such is the fate of artless maid,   Sweet flow'ret of the rural shade


O my Luve's like a red, red rose,
That's newly sprung in June 


Such is the fate of artless maid,   Sweet flow'ret of the rural shade


O’er the moor amang the heather  There I met a bonie lassie


O were my love yon lilac fair,
Wi’ purple blossoms tae the Spring


In 2022 the Annual Robert Burns Young Scholars Awards will be adding a new award for International Scholars

The Awards will be made in the name of the Donor

International Scholarship

Membership of the American Friends of the Robert Burns World Federation you will help us in our mission and become part of the World Federation family.

During these challenging times we have been grateful for the work of our Clubs and Associations around the world for keeping us connected via Zoom and Newsletters.  The RBWF recognises the tremendous work done by our federated clubs and associations and especially the Robert Burns Association of North America: help us to continue that great work for Auld Lang Syne!

During the time of pause we are pleased to share the following updates:

  • A personal and posthumous Coat of Arms by HM Lord Lyon
  • The inauguration of a North American writing competition for the year of the Scots Written Word
  • The opening of a new Scots Language Learning Unit in our Kilmarnock HQ

On top of this, our annual RBWF Schools’ Competition sees thousands of school pupils understanding, memorising and performing the works of Burns and other Scots authors.

The great experience and confidence gained by the young people through this competition was recognised earlier this year by HRH The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and you can see his lovely message to the RBWF by clicking here: