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A Concert for New York - September 12, 2011

In October 2001, the American-Scottish Foundation, invited the Band of Her Majesty's Cold Stream Guards along with the Pipes and Drums of the First Battalion Scots Guard to come to New York City to perform a "Unity, Solace & Hope" concert tour, a series of free public performance held around town as the City drew on its strength.

Ten years later, the ASF is joining forces with the NYC Police Museum and The September Concert Foundation to welcome the Lothian and Borders Police, InChorus Choir and the West Yorkshire Police Brass Band to New York City; thanking them for being here and for taking part in NYC's 10th Anniversary 9/11 observances.

We do hope that you will join us...

The West Yorkshire Police Brass Band

The West Yorkshire Police Brass Band is to play a series of performances in New York over the weekend of the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

Twenty-eight members will fly out to America at their own expense to play during four days in the city.

After having played for the official ceremonies on the anniversary of the attacks, the band will then assemble for a concert on September 12, in association with the ASF, The September Concert Foundation and the NYPD, where their uplifting, strong sounds will resonate through Lower Manhattan.

This is a return to New York for the band, it having also played the same role during the fifth anniversary in 2006.


Three choirs will travel to New York to represent Scotland at the 10th anniversary of 9/11. InChorus from the Scottish Borders, Lothian & Borders Police Choir and Tayside Police Choir will demonstrate Scotland’s compassion for the lives lost, and support for the rebuilding of those communities affected by the atrocities.

The choirs have been fundraising for over a year to come to New York and, as well as singing in a number of well known locations, they will present their Gift in the form of a brand new arrangement that combines The Star Spangled Banner with Amazing Grace.

Musical Director of the choirs, Andrew Russel, said “It’s been a great deal of work to raise the money to come to New York and, thanks to fantastic efforts from choir members and excellent support from sponsors, we’re in the proud position of being able to afford the trip and give our music freely to America.  It’s a genuine privilege to be contributing to such an important and sensitive anniversary, and the message we’re bringing from Scotland is one of true empathy.”

The choirs will be performing at a number of official events while in New York. The ASF is hosting a NYPD Commemoration Concert on September 12, in conjunction with The September Concert Foundation and the NYPD, and the choirs will be giving free outdoor and indoor performances in various locations across Manhattan.

“We request nothing in return for our music,” said Andrew Russel. “ This is about openly expressing our support and we want the focus to be on the 9/11 memory and the solid message of hope for the future.”

As well as their own fundraising, the choirs have had significant support from The Royal Bank of Scotland, The Peebles Common Good Fund and Aberdeen Asset Management.