Homecoming Scotland Leadership Conference

"Scotland and Her Diaspora - Partners for the Future"

The American-Scottish Foundation® and the Illinois Saint Andrew Society jointly host the 7th Annual Leadership Conference


Homecoming Conference

The Homecoming Scotland Leadership Conference, "Scotland and Her Diaspora: Partners for the Future" resulted from a request by attendees at the Seventh Annual Scottish North American Leadership Conference, run jointly by The American-Scottish Foundation® and the Illinois Saint Andrew Society, to host a Leadership Conference for a Diaspora wide audience at the time of The Gathering 2009.


Each North American Leadership Conference has a duality of focus: strengthening North American Scottish societies through the sharing of information and best practices and providing a platform for those in Scotland wishing to engage with the North American Scottish community. Invited guests have included the Scottish government and its agencies, as well as a variety of arts, cultural and charitable organizations.


The Homecoming Scotland Leadership Conference, the theme of which was "Scotland and her Diaspora - Partners for the Future", was designed to give those in the Scottish Diaspora a unique opportunity to meet representatives of Scottish governmental and non-governmental bodies that are either actively engaged with or seeking to engage with the Diaspora. Under Chatham House Rules, the panel discussions and workshops allowed a free and frank exchange of views, values, experiences and best practices. It also offered similar opportunities for Scots engaging or planning to engage with the Diaspora.


It is the organizers' hope that the Homecoming Scotland Leadership Conference will stimulate both an ongoing two way dialog between Scotland and its Diaspora as well as result in recommended actions being taken to enhance the relationship.


For full information please download the Conference Report.