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Clan Hannay and Sorbie Tower

ASF is pleased to welcome Clan Hannay as a corporate member.

Donors to the Restoration of Sorbie Tower,

I am delighted to report to you that as a result of donations, the internal stair well at Sorbie Tower has now been stabilized, and the scaffolding purchased for ongoing maintenance.

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2022 Sorbie Tower Restoration Report

The timber flooring of the great hall has now been restored with wooden shutters in the first floor windows. This enabled a recepion to be held in the tower the evening before the clan gathering in May, as well as a candlelit birthday party earlier in the year. Other events have included a military weekend, medievil re-enactments, folk groups and a scout camp.

Sorbie Tower and grounds are becoming a popular venue for events with several bookings for next year. These generate income and are managed by our convenor Stephen Hanna who is also warden of the tower.

The next phase is to put wire mesh over all the windows to prevent birds nesting inside the tower. Because Sorbie Tower is a sheduled monument we need to get agreement with Historic Environment Scotland about replacing stone work for the vaulting, chimney and stairs to the main hall.

The aim is to restore the tower as a venue for events, rather than for letting out as holiday accomodation, which would be much more expensive and restrict the use of the tower and grounds for clan members and events.

In Conversation with David Hannay, Clan Hannay Chief

The American-Scottish Foundation’s podcast “#SCOTSinUS” recently held a conversation with David Hannay, Chief of Clan Hannay Society and learn of how the Scottish American diaspora is helping in the restoration of Sorbie Tower in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

Restoration of Sorbie Tower

"Sorbie Tower is the ancient stronghold of Clan Hannay in Galloway, South West Scotland, from where those with the family names of Hannay, Hannah, Hanna, and Hanney originated.

It is a 16th Century tower house which was abandoned in the 18th Century. In 1965, it was donated to the Clan Hannay Society, and during the following fifty years much time and money has been spent by the Clan in conserving the ruin. However, it is now in a dangerous state and after an option appraisal, it was concluded that only full restoration would ensure its future by providing accommodation and a centre for the clan.

We have therefore launched a campaign for its restoration which is a long term project. This will be phased according to the funds available, which so far have enabled emergency repairs to be carried out.

Learn more of Sorbie Tower and Clan Hannay here:

This year we are extending the campaign to North America, where the majority of clan members live, with a reception in New York during Tartan Week in April - the annual celebration of Scottish heritage."

The American-Scottish Foundation is proud to work with Clan Hannay to highlight the Restoration of Sorbie Tower project. It is a designated project of the Foundation. You may make a donation in support by downloading, completing and returning this form, or directly using our secure Paypal gateway, below:

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In addition to all the work around the Sorbie Tower, during August, Clan Hannay was one of the Scottish clans parading on the castle esplanade for the Edinburgh Tattoo – a spectacular event.

In September, evening visits to the Tower with story-telling were organized as part of the Wigtown Book Festival and proved very popular. In October there was a Hannaween party at the Tower for local schoolchildren.


In November, we will have a cascade of poppies from the Tower to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.

Sorbie Tower and its grounds are increasingly used by the local community and visitors, so we plan to install a toilet block next to the existing shed. We have also launched a new website

At the same time we are getting estimates for restoration work to the ground floor of the Tower. But this depends on the funds available, so we hope you will remember the restoration appeal in your end of year tax plans using the form enclosed.

With best wishes for Christmas and the coming Year. 

Prof. David Hannay  (Clan Chief)

The American-Scottish Foundation is proud to work with Clan Hannay to highlight the Restoration of Sorbie Tower project. It is a designated project of the Foundation. ASF is a non profit 501c3 organization.

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