Future Projects

The growing reputation of the Foundation, the increasing respect within which it is held, and the growing number of requests for its services neccessitates a long range development plan. A leading element will be how the Foundation will play a more proactive role in supporting existing and new American organizations with Scottish interests which are complementary to the Foundation's mission whilst growing its program of work with your support and help.

DIASPORA GIFT - A national and international initiative undertaken by the foundation to present a tapestry to the Scottish to be Parliament on behalf of organizations representing the Scottish Diaspora is in development. The tapestry, to be designed by a well respected Scottish artist of international stature and hung in an accessible space in the new Scottish Parliament Building, will be woven by the internally acclaimed Dovescot Studios in Edinburgh. The principle of such a gift has been accepted by the Scottish Parliament.

A particularly positive outcome of the gift will be the accompanying illustrative, interpretive, educational material associated with the project. The material will be developed for a number of audiences, helping to further articulate the message of Scotland's contribution, the historic as well as the contemporary, to the world and to reinforce a sense of pride in succeeding generations of Scots.